The Half Truth of Life I Know

Dedicated to my teachers

You asked me to help all

Never told, know body else will help me.

You asked me to trust my firends

Never told my trust will get broken

You asked me to be kind and humble

Never told me, people might take it as my weakness

You asked me to do my best

Never told I will be criticised

You asked me to be bold

Never told me pople dont accept leaders

You told me to be there for every ones sake

Never told me I might be used

You asked me to be a shoulder to the desparate

Never told me how to cry alone

You asked me to be good

Never told me no one else will be

You asked me to be strong

Never told me the extent of courage required

You asked me to love my fellow friends

Never told me I will be the only one doing it

You asked me to spread peace

Never told me what I should do when I see a fight

You said all nations are to be loved

Never told me bombs will blast

You said all races are one

Never told me how to handle racism

You said truth always wins

Never told me this always is doubtful

But still I will do what you asked me to

Because I know

One day I have to change this world…

Aritra Chakraborty; Class – X.A