Blood is always needed to save lives and treat people. Blood donations are vital for patients undergoing surgeries, cancer treatment, organ transplant and those suffering from traumatic injuries. One donation can save up to three lives making each contribution   incredibly impactful.  J. H. Tarapore School organised the Blood Donation camp in the School premises on 26th April, 2024. The camp was conducted by the Jamshedpur Blood Bank for the benefit of Cancer patients. There was a decent participation from the parent community of the school.

The parents and relatives of the students participated in this camp with full enthusiasm.

Fruit Fair 2022

“You are what you eat, so eat well and feel good”.

The Kg. Department celebrated a “Fruit Fair” on the 28th of June 2022. A special assembly was conducted where a variety of fruits were displayed so the children could see ,learn and identify the fruits correctly .
The teachers taught the tiny tots songs on fruits and danced along with them.
Later a fruit salad was prepared along with the children and the little ones relished it.
A worksheet on fruits was also done as a take home activity .
The day was packed with activities and the children had a lot of fun.

Admission Form for Std. XI

J. H. Tarapore School

(Affiliated to the C.I.S.C.E.)

For Girls Only

Admission Notice for Std. XI

2020 – 2021

Parents are kindly requested to go through the necessary information regarding the Plus Two Admission 2020.

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I. J. H. Tarapore School offers the following streams:

  • Arts
  • Pure Science/ Eco Science
  • Bio Science
  • Commerce

(NIOS students may apply only for Arts.)

II.  Application forms for Admission to Std XI for the Academic year 2020-2021

Issue of Forms(Online only): Monday, 11th November, 2019 to Saturday, 23rd November, 2019
Cost of Forms: ₹ 300/-

Classes will be held from 7:25 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

For students who have the Sixth subject, dismissal will be at 12:45 / 1:20 pm. according to the Time Table.


L.Kg. Admission Form(2020 – 2021)


(Affiliated to the C. I. S. C. E.)

L.Kg.  Admission 2020 – 2021    (For Girls only)

In order to take a re-print of the form kindly click below.

The Application forms for Admission to L.Kg. for the Academic year 2020 – 2021 will be issued as per the details.

Availability of Forms            :-          Monday 14th October 2019 to Tuesday 22nd October 2019(Online)

Cost of Forms (Revised)*     :          225/-

Seats                                       :-          General Category      –           75%

                                                               B.P.L   Category         –           25%   

Submission of Forms :            The printed Application forms should be completed with correct information and submitted to the school as per the following programme between 2.30 p.m. to 3.30p.m.

Date Time Reg. No.
Tuesday, 5th November,2019 2.30 p.m. – 3.30 p.m. (1001- 1125Counter #1)
(1126- 1250 Counter # 2)
(1251- 1375Counter #3)
(1376- 1500 Counter # 4)
Wednesday, 6th November,2019 2.30 p.m.– 3.30 p.m. (1501- 1625 Counter #1)
(1626- 1750 Counter # 2)
(1751- 1875 Counter #3)
(1876-Onwards Counter # 4)
  •   On the submission of the form, if accepted, an acknowledgment slip will be issued which must be preserved and produced at the time of admission.

Admission Formalities

Display of Selected candidates on the Notice Board on Saturday 18th January, 2020.


According to the regulations laid down in the Right to Education Act.2009 there will be no interview/Interaction/Assessment either of the parent or the child

  • Admission will be granted only on the basis of Random Selection (computerized lottery).


  • 25% seats will be reserved for children belonging to B.P.L. category.
  • Please contact the DSE office for the Application Form.


  • Applicants for L.Kg. must be born between 16th September, 2015 to 15th September, 2016.
  • The Birth Certificate issued only by the Government Certified Authorities will be accepted.
  • The Birth Certificate in English or Hindi only, will be accepted.
  • The Birth Certificate should have been made within one year of the child’s birth.
  • In case the Birth Certificate of a child has been issued by the “Gram Panchayat”, it will be accepted only if it is duly signed and stamped by the “Panchayat  Sewak” of the concerned Panchayat only.
  • Affidavits or horoscopes will not be accepted.
  • The original Birth Certificate must be produced during the submission of forms for verification and it will be returned on the same day.  

Please apply only if your child’s date of birth is between 16th September, 2015 to 15th September, 2016.