Suspension & Dismissal Policy

The Principal reserves the right to suspend or dismiss, from the school:

Any student whose conduct is, in her opinion, against the good moral tone of the school.

  • immorality in word or deed, wilful damage to school property
  • grave insubordination
  • contempt of any authority,
  • unsatisfactory progress in studies
  • lack of diligence
  • use of unfair means in examinations.
  • bringing in dangerous / obscene articles.
  • callous attitude towards school regulations

are sufficient grounds for suspension or dismissal.

A Student who is late to school for three days in a month, will be suspended for a day from school.

Failure to pay the fees on time will result in the suspension of the student from the class until the fees are paid along with the late fee.

However if the fees for three continuous months are not paid, the child’s name may be struck off the rolls.

The Principal is the sole judge regarding the dismissal of a student.

Parents, when applying for their child’s admission to J.H.T.S, are understood to accept the Principal’s judgement in such matters as final and conclusive.