Spell Bee Competition 🐝 Primary Department

Spelling is an integral part of language which forms the basis of learning.

One way to make learning easy and to overcome stage fright is with school friends.
The Intra School Competition, ‘Spell Bee’ was organised from 19th April, 2022 to 21st April,20 22 for the students of the Primary Department-Stds. III, IV, and V.
It is an extra curricular activity which not only enhances vocabulary but also improves and develops the student’s learning ability.
The students participated actively and won with whopping scores.

The Scores are as follows-
1) Std. V :

a) Topaz House – 52 (Winners – tie)
b) Emerald House – 52 (Winners – tie)
c) Ruby House – 48
d) Sapphire House – 46

2) Std IV :

a) Emerald House – 42(Winners)
b) Ruby House – 38
c) Sapphire House – 36
d) Topaz House – 29

3) Std. III :

a) Topaz House – 53 (Winners)
b) Emerald House – 45
c) Ruby House – 40
d) Sapphire House – 37