GEOFEST INTERNATIONAL is an international event held every year at the end of October and the first week of November. The 13th GEOFEST INTERNATIONAL 2015 was held at City Montessori School Lucknow from 1st to 4th November.
It is an entire new era of young geologists commemorating the rise of an important subject. The fest was for five days. Our preparations had started a month before. The principle of “One Nation, One Religion “was so firmly established that we saw an entire mini world coming together. The inaugural ceremony was spectacular. One magnificent event that really sparked our eyes was the mock session of the “World Parliament”.
A competitive spirit was mixed well with a healthy competition. There were three events for the juniors namely – Create your test (collage), Model display, Geotoons (Comic making) and five events for seniors namely – Create your test, Geo Talk, Model Display, Quizzing, Geo Tech.
Finally the prize distribution was on the 4th of November. We brought back with us millions of memories, lifelong friends, values and life skills. Indeed it was a “great” experience.
We would like to thank our Principal Ma’am Mrs.Lata Sharat ,our teachers Mrs. Smriti Prasad Sahay & Mrs.Rinku Sehra , Who thought us to be capable to represent our school at an International level. Last but not the least we would like to thank Tr. Fiona Nandi who not only guided us but also took care of us so well over there.