Organised by Tata Zoological Society

26th -28th March 2019            

Tata Zoological Society had organized a Nature Camp for students. The moment our Principal announced it, 10 of us jumped at the opportunity.  Our excitement knew no bounds. This time we got the chance of stepping out of our houses, leaving our comfort zone and came forward together to explore nature. It was a three day Residential camp. Schools from Odisha and Jamshedpur had taken part in it.

On the first day, we had three to four sessions conducted in a row by different resource persons. We were lucky enough to meet the only lady pilot of TATA STEEL, Mrs. Harpreet Bains. Everyone was amazed to see her smart personality. She truly looked dapper in that shining blue and white uniform.

The talk on ‘Water Conversation’ by Mr. S.Mansoor Ali was hypnotic for the students present in the auditorium.

On the second day of the trip we headed for our first field trip. We were taken to the Chandil dam where we learned about pisciculture (the controlled breeding and rearing of fish). On the same day, we visited the zoo. The close view of the lions and tigers gave us goosebumps. They were continuously moving in the cage and roaring at us probably wanting to eat us.

The sight of the baby sloth bear drinking milk was adorable. We met the vet, Mr.S.K Mahato who gave some valuable information about the animals. The bonfire in the evening was great fun .

On the third and the last day of the trip we went to the  Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, where we met Ms. Rajni. No! she’s not another zoo official but a real huge elephant. She was rescued by the Tata Zoological Park and after being provided medical aid, she was sent to The Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, where she could live in her natural habitat.

The closing ceremony was held at the TATA Zoological Park . It was a wonderful experience for all of us. We learnt about Team work, cooperation, care for Wildlife and of course we made new friends.

 In the end, we would like to thank the Tata Zoological Society for organizing the Nature camp. I would also like to thank our Principal, Mrs.Lata Sharat for giving  us this opportunity, to participate in the camp and teacher Ekta for accompanying us to the camp and taking  good care of us.