Safety is way of life for us at J.H.Tarapore School.

Keeping this in view, every year we have a slew of activities for the students to participate in and to develop awareness of the various aspects of safety.
This year to mark the National Road Safety Month, which was observed from 18th January to 17th February, we planned the following activities:
Std.6- Quiz on road safety to be conducted on Google forms on 26th January.

Std.7- Videos to be made by the students of themselves explaining any three road safety signs.

Std.8- PPT to be made by the students depicting traffic symbols and their meaning. (5-7 slides)

Std.9- Films made by Tata Steel Safety Department were shared with the students.

Std11- Webinar on road safety conducted by an expert from Tata Steel.

The videos of the various activities have been uploaded on our YouTube Channel.

Result of Safety Activities (2020- 2021)

ClassFirst PositionSecond PositionThird Position
VI AShreiya SanskritiZaina FatimaAnushaka Sharma
VI BParul KhandelwalShrishti KumariAyushi
VI CKriti TiwaryMugdha VermaSmuti Smaranika
Aafia Faiz
Vriddhi Agrawal
VII AZainab ShamimShivangi KumariSidra Mumtaz
Sarakshi Pani
VII BAditi AnandVaanya pandeyPrarthana Kumari
VII CAvnish Kaur BhatiaAayesha SameenNilanjana Mahata
VIII AKirti KumariAyushi KumariMegha
VIII BSwetal KumariZoya KhurshidNandani Shankar
VIII CMehreen MumtajAyoniza SinghShireen Rawat