Matheletes Club – Primary Department

About the club

The Matheletes Club in our primary department is a dynamic forum where young mathematicians come together to enhance their mathematical prowess and prepare for future math competitions.

Matheletes Club supports classroom learning, enriches students’ skills with higher order thinking, and prepare students for future Math Competitions. They play games that use math or use math to create puzzles and riddles. It offers an outlet for those students who enjoy mathematics. The objectives are accomplished by using games activities and mock activities

Learning Objectives

Enable the children to:

  • improve their math skills in a relaxed non classroom environment.
  • Encourage and enable them to enjoy mathematics and develope patients and persistence while solving problems.
  • arouse and maintain the interest in mathematics.
  • develop their explorative creative and inventive faculties.
  • utilize their leisure time in creative work.

Learning Outcomes

Children are able to:

  • do self- study and independent work
  • be explorative and creative which helps them in classroom learning.
  • apply their first hand experience in day to day life.
  • spend their leisure time well.

Skills Tapped

Helps to develop skills like

  •  leadership, problem solving.
  • creative work and pictorial visualisation.
  • logical reasoning
  • bodily kinesthetic
  • work in group.