Kindergarten Parent’s Orientation

The Kindergarten Parent’s Orientation was organised to welcome the first timers with their parents on 15th March 2019. The parents were welcomed and the programme started with the lighting of the lamp. A presentation about our school was shown by Tr. Gracie Christina Anthony and Tr. Aparna Saha. Our Principal Mrs. Lata Sharat addressed the audience, by welcoming the parents and highlighting the safety rules of the school. The director Mrs. Nargis Madon of our school gave information regarding the new online fee structure. The teachers and the office staff were introduced by the Principal. The programme ended with the song sung by the teachers followed by the school song. After the programme was over the parents were told to visit the classrooms of their little ones.

Lighting of the Lamp
Lighting of the Lamp
Prayer Song
Introduction of the Teachers
Presentation by the Teachers