Kg. Parents Night 2023

JH Tarapore School Hosts Enchanting Kg. Parents’ Night Celebrating International Year of Millets.

JH Tarapore School, a beacon of education excellence, joyously celebrated their Kg. Patents’ Night on Thursday, December 14th, 2023. The evening unfolded with the theme of the International Year of Millets, captivating parents and guests alike.

Against the backdrop of cultural diversity, the children of JH Tarapore School took the audience on a mesmerizing journey across India through vibrant dance and music performances. Each act showcased the rich tapestry of harvest festivals from different states, adding a kaleidoscope of colors and traditions to the event.

The distinguished Chief Guest for the evening was Mrs. Rubina Bodhanwala, whose presence added an extra layer of honor to the celebration. Joining her were esteemed guests Mr. Bodhanwala, Ms. Tina Bodhanwala Sood, and Mrs. Nargis Madon, who graced the occasion with their warmth and support.

The International Year of Millets theme not only provided a cultural extravaganza but also served as an opportunity to raise awareness about the nutritional and ecological significance of millets, promoting sustainable practices.

JH Tarapore School extends heartfelt gratitude to all parents, guests, and the entire school community for their enthusiastic participation in making this event a resounding success. The Kg. Parents’ Night not only showcased the talent of our young performers but also fostered a sense of cultural appreciation and community spirit.