“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”

The Cabinet of J. H. Tarapore School for the session 2023-24 was sworn in on Saturday, the 24th of June, at a formal Investiture Ceremony, to confer the authority of leadership portfolios to democratically elected students of J. H. Tarapore School.

The event was presided over by the Director Ms. Rubina Bodhanwala, the Principal Ms.Lata Sharat, and the Vice-Principal Ms. Rukshana Gardin.

A total of 52 members were inducted into the Cabinet and given their portfolios. The Cabinet was sworn in, beginning with the School Pupil Leader, Aarushi Jha (Std.XII) and Assistant School Pupil Leader, Mehreen Mumtaz (Std. XI), followed by the four house leaders(Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz) , the Sports Leader, Cultural Leader, Discipline Leader, Cleanliness Leader, Ethics Leader and the Club Leaders along with their assistants.

The students were nominated and then elected by the students of the High School. They are the ones who have proved to be responsible and have shown exceptional leadership qualities throughout their school life.

Leaders are not made within the four walls of the classroom, they are made where the threshold of the classroom ends and the paradigm of the universe begins. Over the years, J.H. Tarapore School has built an ecosystem where students have been able to identify and hone their skills; along with academics sports is also an integral part of our curriculum. Investiture Ceremony is not just another event; it is a process which allows students to inculcate in them the qualities of a leader and the sense of collective responsibility. The oath taken by the SPL and ASPL, talks of truth, justice, peace and harmony in the school. The office bearers in their oath realise that with great power comes great responsibility.

The newly elected members will definitely be a mirror of the ideologies of the school and a torch bearer to their juniors.

We wish them All the Very Best!!!