“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are an excellent leader.”

 J. H. Tarapore School organised the Investiture Ceremony on the 29th of July,2022, for the session 2022-23.The Cabinet  was sworn in at a formal investiture ceremony, to confer the authority of leadership portfolios to democratically elected students of J. H. Tarapore School.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mrs. Nargis A. Madon. She is the founder Principal of J.H.Tarapore School. The event was presided over by the school Principal Ms.Lata Sharat and Vice-Principal Ms.Rukshana H. Gardin.

A total of 52 members were inducted into the Cabinet and given their portfolios. The Cabinet was sworn in, beginning with the School Pupil Leader, Ananya Jayanti Singh (Std.XII) and Assistant School Pupil Leader, Uditi Kumari Gupta(Std. XI), followed by the four house leaders , the Sports Minister, Cultural Minister, Discipline Minister, Cleanliness Minister, Ethics Minister and the Activity Club Leaders along with their assistants.

 The students were nominated and then elected by the students of the High School. They are the ones who have proved to be responsible and have shown exceptional leadership qualities throughout their school life.

The school always strives to inculcate a sense of commitment and responsibility among the students. The Investiture Ceremony was held with the aim to invest the students with the sense of responsibility and enable them to work towards shared goals.

The Senior Leaders encouraged them to put in honest efforts for every endeavour and become an inspiration for others.

Congratulations to the elected members. We wish them all the very best!!