The Cabinet of our school for the session 2018-19 was sworn in on Wednesday, the 20th  of June, at an impressive investiture ceremony, amidst an air of enthusiasm and anticipation.

The Chief Guest for this auspicious occasion was Mr.Bailey Bodhanwala. Mrs. Rubina Bodhanwala was also present during the ceremony.

A total of 33 members were given their respective badges and portfolios. The Cabinet was sworn in, beginning with the School Pupil Leader, Aman Saleha (Std.XII) and Assistant School Pupil Leader, Ambrisha Zubeen (Std. XI), followed by the four house leaders, the Sports Minister, Cultural Minister, Discipline Minister, Cleanliness Minister and the Activity Club Leaders along with their assistants.

The students were nominated and then elected by the students of the High School on 16th May. They are the ones who have proved to be responsible and have shown exceptional leadership qualities throughout their school life. This is a step taken to instill leadership qualities in children and enable them to work towards shared goals.