International Dimension in Schools -Music Mania Std V

IDS accredits schools in nurturing students by enriching teaching and learning. It is a programme that recognizes exemplary practices of internationalism in schools and includes international work as part of their curriculum and helps embedding it within the school’s culture.
The theme of IDS activity 2021 is Music Mania. The students had to research
on musical instruments of various countries like France, California and Uganda and compare it with our country, India.
Different activities were planned for smooth functioning. There was 100%
participation of the students of Std V .
Following activities were executed by the students of Class V with the help of their teachers and parents.
V A- Model Making and Report making (Comparison of the musical instruments
with the partner countries, France, California, Uganda)
V B -Chart making/ Scrapbook making on the same.
V C – PowerPoint Presentation
These activities, helped the students to improve their literacy skills and they
were also able to enhance collaborative learning skills.

Activity for Students of Std V