Inernational Yoga Day 2024

J.H. Tarapore School celebrated International Yoga Day with great enthusiasm on 21st June, 2024. This day is globally recognized for fostering physical and mental well-being through yoga.

At J.H. Tarapore School, students of all the classes participated in sessions designed to promote inner peace and confidence. The school followed the Common Yoga Protocol (CYP), a specified sequence of yoga asanas lasting 45 minutes, especially tailored for this day. The sessions included a series of asanas such as YogMudra, Ardh Kurmasana, Vakrasana, Tadasana, and Ardh Chandrasana, followed by “Guided Meditation: Breath of Joy” and “Om Chanting.”

This year’s celebration was themed “Yoga for Self & Society,” highlighting the school’s commitment to nurturing self health and thus contributing to the improvement of the health of the society on the whole.