IDS(International Dimension in Schools) Activity for Std III and IV

The students of J. H. Tarapore School participated in the ‘International Dimension in Schools’ (IDS). The activities were divided into various segments dividing from Kindergarten to Class XII.
Students of Std. III and IV too participated in the IDS activities. The activities were based on the theme – “Our Heritage is Our Identity”.
Due to the ongoing pandemic, the activities for this segment were conducted online under the supervision of their parents and teachers.
Alongside India, the partner countries were Kenya – Greece – Brazil.
In a collaborative act, students were informed about the binary culture of India and its partner countries.
The students of Std. III learned the following –
(i) The way of greeting people by wearing native costumes.
(ii) Students also made charts on words used for greeting people.
(iii) Worksheets particularly based on greeting gestures.
The students of Std. IV executed the various activities-
(i) Online Dance Competition representing the culture of India and assigned
(ii) Making handicraft items – Kenyan Maasai-Indian beads jewelry/Warli Art – Greek Art /Brazilian Carnival Mask-Indian Tribal Mask.
(iii) Worksheets particularly based on important monuments.
The learning was shared on the Class Whatsapp group(s) and uploaded in Google Classroom & Forms respectively.