IDS Activity(British Council) for Kg Department

We at J.H. Tarapore School participated in International Dimensions in School activity(British Council) through Virtual mode.
The topic for IDS Activity(British Council) this year was “Smart Meals “.
The students of the Kg Department participated with great enthusiasm and completed all the activities with full vigour.
The L.Kg. children were supposed to make sandwiches (cooking without fire) prevalent in India and in partner countries which were Germany, USA and Japan. The students spoke about the healthy and unhealthy eating habits of the people of these countries.
Similarly, H.Kg. students made scrapbooks. Various activities were also done on the worksheets sent by the teachers on the Google classroom like  worksheets and video.
The activities were knowledge based and included learning-by-doing assignments. Students, along with their parents gained information and learnt a lot from this activity based learning programme .

H.Kg. Activities
L.Kg. Activities