Dear Children,
This Pandemic has taught us many lessons. One among them is that man proposes and God disposes. But he does it with an aim to teach us to face life’s challenges and build strategies to combat every challenge that comes our way.
On this special day that has twin celebration, we wish each one of you a Happy Children’s day a very Happy and safe Diwali.
May this festival of light spread light of joy, good health and cheer in all your homes and erase all darkness just as all of bring in light of joy in the lives of all the teachers .
We cherish every moment spent with all of you and are waiting eagerly for school to start.
Let not this pandemic undermine your potentials and capabilities. Keep the light, fervor, enthusiasm always lighted and alive.
May God shower his choicest blessings on every child.
Stay safe, stay in good health

Nargis Ma’am, Lata Ma’am and Rukshana Ma’am