Grading Policy

Grade Percentage Standard
A+ 90% and above Excellent
A 89 % to 80% Outstanding
B 79 % to 70% Very Good
C 69 % to 60% Good
D 59 % to 50% Satisfactory
E 49 % to 40% Pass
F 39% and below Failure
  • Passing grades / marks for all subjects is E / 40%.
  • Promotion will be granted on the AVERAGE of all the grades / marks in the year.

For Std. IX

  • For promotion, a passing grade in English, Hindi and Mathematics and at least 90% attendance is absolutely necessary.
  • A failure in two other academic subjects, will mean a detention in that class. (Std. IX)

Promotion criteria for Std. XI

  • Students of Std. XI must pass in English and three other subjects to get promoted to Std. XII.
  • If a child a absent for a test due to illness, a medical certificate must be given, immediately the next day.

To encourage the students to excel in Academics, merit certificates are awarded.

  • Stds. I – V An ‘A’ grade in the average of the three terms.
  • Stds. VI–X 70% for Language
  • 80% for other subjects
  • 90% for Sanskrit.