* Foundation Day Message

A very good morning JHT-ians..!!
On behalf of Mr Bailey Bodhanwala and myself, warm greetings on the Foundation Day of the school.
Based on the original meaning of the celebration, this day is a designated date (chosen date) on which
celebrations mark the founding of a school…..with us 21 years, gone by.
Today, this day instils in us and gives us a sense of history to remember our school, all the more,even during the difficult lockdown period. Be it the alumnus or any staff member or any student, the time spent in school by each one of us has been a memorable one.
A school celebrates its Foundation Day to reminisce and to honor its establishment.J H Tarapore School was established in the year 2002 under the aegis of Narbod Foundation. To have a sense of history, it is very important to know where we’ve come from. Hence, on this day, we are reminded of how the school was formed 21 years ago. Today, we are also reflecting on the very early days of the school and how far we have come as a school community. And so, we have our stories of joy, of sadness, and of sense of achievement with gratitude through good times and during the Lockdown period.
I still remember the joy of teachers and students running in and around corridors having produced the national topper(s) on declaration of board results. We remember sports department going hip hip hurrays on winning so many accolades. We remember winning various quiz and interschool competitions. The joy is so fresh and vivid floating in our eyes.
The sense of pride for having been recognised and appreciated by the Business of Excellence program.
On this Foundation Day, reflecting on the achievements, it has given us a sense of mission and purpose to strive to do better and bring about a happy community of parents and children. We celebrate so that we do not forget the vision of the people who established it, so that we make new again the vision which has inspired the school for the last 21 years. It is a reminder that on its Foundation Day,J H Tarapore School
was to be a school inspired, where learning forms students to become leaders for a transformed world-community, which is our newly updated vision also.
There were many who have given so much to the School over the years. Today is therefore about remembering and honoring all who have served to make the School the place, it is today.
Foundation Day is a day of rememberance, a day of honoring, a day to celebrate what has been achieved over the past 21 years, and a day to look forward to what is yet to come. This day stands as a reminder to us that when we forget our history, we move into an uncertain future. This date is a significant one for J H T School, and for all of us. Today is our Foundation Day, a day etched with tradition and history. We remember, so that we do not forget. And in remembering, we become “light of the world and salt of the earth”. So it is, so it will be!

Our gratitude to each and everyone who has seen and been an integral part of the growth and development process and a big ” Thank You” .

Director, J. H. Tarapore School

Good day Parents, Teachers and all J.H.Taraporeans!

21 years ago this dream called “J.H.Tarapore school” was born in the minds and hearts of the Bodhanwalas.
Today we can see that the dream has come true.
With their exemplary leadership style and guidance , the Senior leaders have been a beacon of light for all.
Nothing could have been possible without the contribution of each of the teachers and students and the cooperation of all the parents.
The culture,the ethical atmosphere, the values the school believes in , the work environment ,the support from the Management ,the teacher engagement ,the Clean and safe environment ,Discipline of students and teachers ….are some things synonymous with the name of JHTS.
Keep the flag of the school flying high by being empathetic, dynamic, outgoing ,innovative, hardworking ,motivators for students and keeping yourself absolutely updated in whatever you do..
Your contribution to the school is highly appreciated🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Principal, J. H. Tarapore School