Equality Club

In an effort to correct inequalities OXFAM India and YLAC have joined hands to set up & help run the equality clubs in various cities of India. With intricately designed tool kits full of activities and resources, OXFAM and YLAC hope that equality club becomes India’s catalyst for change. J.H. Tarapore School formally launched Equality club on 5th of July, 2022. In our school, Equality Club is a place where thought provoking debates and discussions trigger ideas to smash inequality that exists around us. The club structure comprises of 30-50 students with two teachers as Club Moderators. The Eligible grades are Grade 8 to 11. From the Academic year 2023-24 the eligible grades are Grade 9 to 12. Equality club formalizes students with different types of inequalities: gender, economic, religious, or otherwise. It helps build empathy and appreciation of one’s own privilege and inspire students to take action. Our theory of change acts through three elements – Awareness, Empathy, Action. Our goal is to instill a spirit of active citizenship in students so that they can use it to create an impact on the world around them. The chosen themes are:

  1. Gender Equality
  2. Economic Equality
  3. Diversity and inclusion

One year cycle will explore 3 modules. Each module has pre decided activities certificate of participation. Our School has completed one full curriculum and all students of the Equality Club have received certificates of completion in the Graduation Ceremony held on 20th of February ,2023. Five of our students participated in national level competition and their project was highly appreciated by the panel of judges. Thus, in the Equality Club we truly believe that if we create spaces where rich discussions around in equality can be ignited through experiential lessons and facilitated interactions, then emotions of empathy and justice will be evoked in students who will be inspired to take action against the inequalities that exist in society.