Director’s Message

It gives me immense pleasure to pen a few thoughts on our school website. It was just the other day in 2002, when we started school, and today the school has grown from strength to strength. Our aim was to make this school ‘a School with a difference’, and I think, in this short span, we have made a mark in this town.

Directors message

We have always stressed on instilling values in our students. What do I mean by values?….. I mean values like the ‘H’ values of honesty, humility, and hard work, the ‘L’ values of loving, listening and learning, the ‘C’ values of compassion, courage and change and the ‘G’ values of God loving, gratitude and gentleness.

It is said ‘Well begun is half done’ and hence we are the first school in this town to initiate the Harvard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences – a ‘Developmentally Based Childhood Programme’ in the Kindergarten Department. Step by step, we kept initiating creative methods of teaching, befriending our students and have always tried to take education beyond the walls of the classrooms. To compliment and reinforce education in the classrooms, we have installed Educomp Smart classes to make teaching interesting.

All this could never have been possible without the unstinted support and personal attention of our Chairman, Mr. Bodhanwalla and Mrs. Bodhanwalla ,the continuous guidance from our Management, the hard and smart work of our loyal and dedicated Faculty and sub-staff, the enthusiastic students, the cooperation of our parents, our partners and suppliers and all our well-wishers. I take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the Tarapore family for their unstinted support and cooperation and look forward to it, in the years to come.

Mrs. Nargis A. Madon, Director