CONVERGENCE (2023 – 24)

The much-awaited Convergence-2023, an exhilarating interschool event, by the Primary Department of J.H.Tarapore School was concluded with remarkable success, leaving participants and attendees with unforgettable memories.

It was organised on the eve of Friendship Day on Saturday,  5th August,  2023.

Convergence brought together students from various schools in the region for a celebration of camaraderie, wellness, and creativity.

The event’s diverse sessions catered to the holistic development of the students, focusing on three core themes: Making Friends, Healthy Food, Art and Craft and Advertisements.

Making Friends:-

Promoting inclusivity and fostering new connections, the Making Friends sessions with the theme Mighty Millets aimed to break barriers and create a welcoming environment for all attendees. Interactive ice-breaking activities, team-building exercises, and engaging games allowed students to interact in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, cultivating bonds that will last a lifetime.

Healthy Do It yourself  session was conducted by Chef Supratim from Hotel Sonnet. 

In an effort to promote healthy eating habits and encourage a balanced lifestyle,  this  session offered delicious recipes and presentations on nutrition and sustainable food practices.

Creative Connections

Nurturing creativity and artistic expression, the Art and Craft sessions provided a platform for students to showcase their talents and learn new skills. This  workshops allowed participants to explore their artistic potential and appreciate the beauty of self-expression.

The students were thrilled to present their advertisements during the session ‘Vigyapan ki Duniya’. There was enthusiasm and passion displayed by the students during the session.

The organizers expressed their sincere gratitude to all participating schools, volunteers, teachers, and attendees for their unwavering support in making Convergence-2023 a memorable and transformational experience.