Environmental Club

This Club was initiated to inculcate the habit of conserving our Mother Earth in every small way. It develops a sense of responsibility towards this Green Planet which is a habitat for all the flora and fauna around us. The sense of responsibility is developed through activities such as awareness rallies, plantation drives, usage of biodegradable waste, making reusable bags using newspapers or cloth, making dustbins using old cartons, and many more. Our school has now turned into a plastic free zone.

A new recycled station for the disposal of sanitary napkins has been installed too. Environmental topics are discussed in the assemblies too. Each and every child participates in all such environment related activities. They have also participated in the collection of dry mango seeds and sending them to another school for re plantation. Our school organises an inter school event called PROBE in which this Club plays a very important role. Making bird feeders, animal masks and, bookmarks using biodegradable wastes, mobile holders using clay, distributing paper packets to the vendors, etc are a part of our regular intra school activities. These activities help the children in acknowledging the importance and the inter relationship of all the biotic as well as abiotic components of the earth.  Thus, this Club helps the children to become the Green Warriors whose participation help in the conservation of nature.