Debate & Dramatics Club

The club aims to bring together students who are interested in debating and dramatics. Practicing these things together increases mutual knowledge and helps to improve the various skills including communication skills, listening skills, acting and dramatic skills, comprehensive skill, inter-personal skills and the spirit of team work.

ACTIVITIES: Group discussion, debates, story spinning, Chinese whispers, charades, mono-acting, skits, dual acting are some of the activities that have been conducted over the years. The activities generally require creativity, imagination, planning, narrative skills, and build confidence too. It’s all about learning with fun.

The Debate and Dramatics Club had a Nukkad Natak performed in one the activities. The topic was ‘ Social and Political Prejudice’. The topic was given to them a month ago. All children took part in it actively and performed very well. The students sat in groups of four each, they were allowed access the internet and grasp new ideas related to the topic. The time limit for each group was 4-6 minutes, in which they had to present their dramatization in a poetic form. They presented it with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication. A very sensitive but a very important topic helped the students in analysing the dark side of the Indian society and politics.