Computer Club

Welcome to computer club – The digital hub of our school. The club which inspires the students to modernise their perspective towards digitalization. The biggest tech fest of the school- ‘Proxscentia’ is also organised by our club.

The Vision and Mission of our club are:-


The computer club aims to enrich and strive for excellence, knowledge and skills in the fields of computer and technology related studies through interactive activities, so that children can compete in the new tech world.


To make students creative, confident and technology oriented in the digital world which will help them to take part in events and make  our school proud.


  1. Spatial skills
  2. Attendance
  3. Intra/Inter personal skills
  4. Cyber Olympiad & Club notebook
  5. Logical, Analytical & Mathematical.

Our club helps to inculcate logical skills which helps the students to apply these skills in life-based prospects. We provide them a broader platform to present their views and ideas in different fields of knowledge. Since, the knowledge of computer has become really vital, we try our best to make the children best in this field.