Our Students Keep the Banner High

J.H.Tarapore School, a hub of academic excellence, is thrilled to extend warm congratulations to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for the successful execution of the Chandrayaan Mission. This remarkable achievement represents a significant milestone in India’s space exploration journey.

Adding to the pride of this achievement, JHTS is delighted to highlight the involvement of two of its accomplished ex-students Pragya Shah & Shivam Saurav in prestigious projects at ISRO.

“We are equally delighted and proud of our ex- students who are currently making valuable contributions to another significant project within ISRO”, said Principal, Mrs. Lata Sharat. “Their achievements serve as shining examples of JHTS’s commitment to fostering excellence and nurturing future leaders.”

Both Pragya & Shivam are Scientists/ Engineers at ISRO.

Shivam Saurav (Batch 2015) is in the Human Space Flight Centre, responsible for quality assurance of space systems, while Pragya Shah (Batch 2013), is the Team Leader for the Crew Module’s Checkout System.

Their journey from the J.H.Tarapore halls to the forefront of space research is a testament to the commitment of the school in nurturing innovative and dedicated individuals. The school remains committed to producing exceptional individuals who can bring a positive change to various fields.

Pragya Shah
Shivam Saurav