Independence Day Celebration-2023

The 77th Independence Day celebration at our school was a vibrant and patriotic event, organized by the enthusiastic students of Std VII. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of national pride as the young participants showcased their talents through a mesmerizing patriotic song, a heartfelt poem, and an energetic dance performance. The event not … Read more

ISC Result 2022

Pure Science Name Percentage Rank NANCY 96.25% 1st SHREYA SUMAN 91.50% 2nd ISHIKA 91.50% 2nd SIRAT FATMA 90.5% 3rd Bio Science Name Percentage Rank SUCHISMITA DUTTA ROY 93.5% 1st ANIQUA AMBREEN 93% 2nd ANSHIKA SHARAN 92% 3rd Commerce Name Percentage Rank HARSHITA SARAIWALA 97.25% 1st MANYA RUPANI 95.5% 2nd RADHIKA RAMESH 94% 3rd Arts Name … Read more

Graduation Ceremony- 2021

The Virtual Graduation Ceremony for the Std XII students of the batch 2020-21, of J.H.Tarapore School was held on the 12th of June 2021. The Chairman Mr Bailey Bodhanwala, Managing Trustee Mrs Rubina Bodhanwala, Director Mrs Nargis Madon, Principal Mrs Lata Sharat, Vice Principal Mrs Rukshana Gardin, and the teachers bid goodbye to the students … Read more