Organised by Tata Zoological Society 26th -28th March 2019             Tata Zoological Society had organized a Nature Camp for students. The moment our Principal announced it, 10 of us jumped at the opportunity.  Our excitement knew no bounds. This time we got the chance of stepping out of our houses, leaving our comfort zone and came … Read more

The Secret of Success

Today millions of students read, But all do not succeed. What is the reason behind ? Can you find ? When they read, They do not pay heed. While reading sitting there, There mind is elsewhere. If you want your life to be easy Dont be lazy. Do labour hard, Time will bring reward. Just … Read more

The Half Truth of Life I Know

Dedicated to my teachers You asked me to help all Never told, know body else will help me. You asked me to trust my firends Never told my trust will get broken You asked me to be kind and humble Never told me, people might take it as my weakness You asked me to do … Read more

Google Code In 2013

The Trip: As I had won this competition, I got a chance to visit the Google HQ at San Francisco, California and also to the explore the beautiful city of San Francisco. My trip lGoogle Code In 2013 asted for two weeks. Taking the advantage of this trip i also visited my grandfather who lived … Read more