Calendar 2021-2022

March 2021

3rd March (Wed.) – Founder’s Day (Holiday)

21st March (Sun.) – Jamshed – i – Navroz (Holiday)

22nd March (Mon.) – New Academic Session begins (H.Kg.- Std. VII)(Online)

23rd March (Tues.) – Orientation for L.Kg. parents (Online)(5:30 pm)

24th March (Wed.)- New Academic Session begins for L.Kg.(Online)

25th March (Thurs.) – New Academic Session begins (Std. VIII, IX, X & XII) (Offline)

29th & 30th March (Mon. & Tues.) – Holi (Holidays)

April 2021

2nd April (Fri.) – Good Friday (Holiday)

9th April (Fri.) – Recognition Night – High School (5:30 – 8:00 p.m.)

10th April (Sat.) – Recognition Day – Primary (8:30 a.m.)

12th -16th April (Mon. – Fri.) – Spell Bee Competition (Primary)

14th April (Wed.) – Ambedkar Jayanti (Holiday)

19th April (Mon.) – World Dance Day Activities

23rd April (Fri.) – Ram Navami Jhanda (Holiday)

30th April (Fri.) – Mothers’ Day activities

May 2021

1st May (Sat.) – May Day celebrations

10th May (Tues.) – 1st Term 1st Round assessment (Std. I – V) begins

12th & 13th May (Wed. & Thurs.) – Language Exams for High School

13th May (Thurs.) – Last working day before Summer Vacation (L.Kg. – XII)

14th May (Fri.) – Id-Ul-Fiter

June 2021

1st June (Tues.) – School Reopens after Summer Vacation(Std. IX – XII) / Environment Day Activities

7th June (Mon.) – School Reopens after Summer Vacation (L.Kg. – Std. VIII)

8th June (Tues.) – Fathers’ Day Activities

12th June (Sat.) – Orientation for Std. XI

14th June (Mon.) – New Academic Session begins for Std. XI

15th June (Tues.) – Music day Activities for L.Kg. to Std. II

15th June (Tues.) – Yoga Day Activities for Std. III – V

19th June (Sat.) – Achievers’ Night

21st June (Mon.) – International Yoga Day

July 2021

5th July (Mon.) – 1st Term Examination for High School

12th July (Mon.) – 1st Term, 2nd Round Tests begin (Stds I – V)

21st July (Wed.) – Eid – ul – Zoha (Holiday)

30th (Fri.) – Proxscentia

31st (Sat.) – Convergence

August 2021

9th – 13th August (Mon. – Fri.) – Maths Quiz (Primary)

15th August (Sun.) – Independence Day Celebration in School

16th August (Mon.) – Parsee New Year (Holiday)

19th August (Thurs.) – Mohharam (Holiday)

27th August (Fri.) – English Elocution

30th August (Mon.) – Janmashtami (Holiday)

September 2021

1st September (Wed.) – 2nd Term, 1st Round Tests begin (Stds I – V)

4th September (Sat.) – Teachers Day Celebration (Kg. – Std. VIII)

5th September (Sun.) – Teachers Day Celebration (Stds. IX – XII)

14th September (Tues.) – Hindi Diwas / Hindi Elocution

17th September (Fri.) – Vishwakarma Puja (Holiday)

27th September (Mon.) – 2nd term Examination Starts

October 2021

2nd October (Sat.) – Gandhi Jayanti (Holiday)

9th October (Sat.) – Last working day before Puja vacation

11th to 20th Oct. (Mon. to Wed.) – Puja Vacation

21st October (Thurs.) – School re-open after Puja vacation

23rd October (Sat.) – Safe Club Activities

30th October (Sat.) – Diwali Activities (4th & 5th Nov.)


November 2021

1st November (Mon.) – 2nd Term, 2nd round Tests begin Stds I – V/ Quality Day Celebration

4th & 5th November (Thurs. & Fri.) – Diwali (Holiday)

10th November (Wed.) – Chhat Puja (Holiday)

14th November (Sun.) – Children’s Day Mela

Dates to be announced – Sports Day

19th November (Fri.) – Guru Nanak Jayanti (Holiday)


December 2021

3rd December (Fri.) – Kg Parents’ Night

6th December (Mon.) – Sports Day (Primary)

10th December (Fri.) – Pre-board/Christmas Day Activities

17th December (Fri.) – 3rd Term,1st Round begins Stds I – V

22nd December (Wed.) – Last working day before winter vacations


January 2022

3rd January (Mon.) – School reopens / Pre board exam continues/3rd Term,1st Round continues

9th January (Sun.) – Guru Govind Singh Jayanti (Holiday)

10th January (Mon.) -Come Let’s have Some Fun

14th January (Fri.) – Makar Sankranti (Holiday)

26th January (Wed.) – Republic Day Celebration (8:30 – 9:15 a.m.)


February 2022

5th February (Sat.) – Saraswati Puja (Holiday)

7th February (Mon.) – Final Term Exam

14th February (Mon.) – 3rd term, 2nd round Tests begins (Std. I – V)

26th February (Sat.) – Last working day of the Academic session


March 2022

[Regular classes of new academic session for Std. X and Std. XII in the first two weeks of March.]

3rd March (Thurs.) – Founder’s Day (Holiday)

17th & 18th March (Thurs. & Fri.) – Holi (Holidays)

21st March (Mon.) – Jamshed –i – Navroz (Holiday)

22nd March (Tues.) – New Academic Session begin (H.Kg. – Std. IX)

[ Dates are subject to change]