Bows and Buttons Club – Primary Department

The Bows and Buttons Club, nestled within the primary department of our school, is an enchanting haven for young artists and craft enthusiasts. This club’s mission is to impart the art and science of sewing, a valuable and versatile skill that empowers students in numerous ways.

At the core of the Bows and Buttons Club is the belief that sewing is not merely a craft but a journey of creativity. Through the careful stitching of fabrics and the selection of vibrant threads, students embark on a fulfilling creative process that allows them to unleash their imagination.

This hands-on endeavor does more than just spark creativity; it nurtures fine motor skills as young fingers deftly handle needles and fabrics.

Working with needle and thread fosters a tactile connection to materials and instills a sense of independence. Students learn to create, repair, and innovate, gaining self-motivation as they witness their own creations take shape.

The Bows and Buttons Club, with its fusion of art and science, empowers our young learners to become more adept, confident, and self-motivated individuals, ready to sew their path to success in life.


● Students are able to do basic hand sewing and hand embroidery stitches.

● It teaches them discipline, patience and focus.

● Develop fine motor skills.

● It exercises creativity and improve dexterity.

● Improves eye hand coordination. Its green and saves money.

● It made them more independent and self-motivated.


●. Keen Interest

● Good Observation

● Neatness

● Creativity

● Sincerity