World Environment Day Celebration

Young children around the world have the power to make a difference even from their homes. Amidst the pandemic, which has forced us to stay indoors, the Environment Club (High School) along with Green Warriors Club (Kg and Primary) virtually celebrated Environment Day by involving all the students from Kg to Std XII.  The students of Primary department took part in the activities like finger imprint of trees, colouring food chain and butterfly, making manure using flowers/kitchen waste, paper bag making, a plantation in a coconut shell, etc while the students of the High School were involved in activities like mask making (animal /bird’s face using waste material), making props that resemble things in nature, tree plantation, making bird feeders from waste, salad dressing showing wildlife, dress designing using waste materials, recycling of an old dress to a new one, etc. The winners were given e – certificates. Our alumni joined hands in spreading awareness of conserving our Mother Earth by conducting an online session for our children. Our school had also organized a blood donation camp at the Blood Bank on 5th June 2021 in collaboration with Tata steel.

The winners of the various activities conducted on the occasion of Environment Day are listed below:

Best three entries of Primary Department per class

  L.Kg ‘A’ – Preet GarewalAaditri Santra
Minsa Mallick
Anika Bhardwaj
  L.Kg ‘B’ – Rachaita ThakerIshani Sahu
Divyanshi Nayak
Aradhya Sawa
  L.Kg ‘C’ – Vishakha SinghUmme Kulsum
Anabiya Mashkoor
Raj Nandini
  H.Kg ‘A’ – Sufia JabeenAairah Shafaqua Sohail
Trisha Singh
Alishah Anum
  H.Kg ‘B’ – Pallavi SinhaRikriti Singh
Aarohi Kumari
Shanvi Guha
  H.Kg ‘C’ – Aparna SahaArchi Raj
Arya Kumari
Anika Anvi
  Class I ‘A’ – Neena DasJashn Kaur Bhatia
Laiba Nayaab
Warisha Nasim
  Class I ‘B’ – Meenakshi SharmaAashi Singh
Bhavya Sharma
Kumari Arohi
  Class I ‘C’ – Navneet KaurAtiquah Parween
Huvishka Chawla
Labika Hayat
  Class II ‘A’ – Ramani TeacherAaradhya Kashyap
Anvi Sharma
Dhruvi Shah
  Class II ‘B’ – Mamta TirkeyAashna Sinha
Kiah Patadia
Sheron Kerketta
  Class II ‘C’ – Indu RoyIshika Ghosh
Shifa Shahnaz
Teerth Preet Kour
  Class III ‘A’ – Kamala SridharEtisha Paul
Parijat Chakraborty
Yashmita Sahoo
  Class III ‘B’ – Kanwar Roop RekhiRishita Bose
Shreyashi Bej
  Class III ‘C’ – Elsi JosephAnnesha Das
Dhanvi Kothari
Palak Sahu
Class IV ‘A’ – Kiran SinhaAnshu
Brahmjot Kaur
Class IV ‘B’ – Banasree ShawDewanshi Karwa
Sanvi Pandey
Sriparna Chakraborty
Class IV ‘C’ – Fiona PassagneGarima Singh
Rya Ghosh
Sunidhi Bakhla
Class V ‘A’ – Gurjeet KaurAnushka Sharma
Sanvi Sharma
Keshal Fichadia
Class V ‘B’ – Tanushree SarkarSudrisha Saha
Vartika Srivastava
Jigyasa Tiu
Class V ‘C’ – Tarlochan KaurAntara Patel
Suraiya Nasreen
Prisha Singh

Result for Std VI to Std XII

VIASubhangee SahaRitisha GaneshaAkshita Bhalotia
VIBAesha GowraTanisha SinghWarahi Bhardwaj
VICRimmi KumariR.PoojashriOviya Ghosh
VIIAZaina FatimaShreiya SanskritiAnanya Ishika
VIIBYuvika TandonTasmiya QuadriAnanya Sharma
VIICSakshi MahatoShreya SinghAshita Tripathi
VIIIAShivangiAkanchha KumariSunidhi Kedia
VIIIBAnkita SinhaRitika BhattacharjeeAarshia Kher
VIIICAnum HashmiNaira AlamShrabonika Ghosh
IXAIshika AgarwalAashie SinghPranati Singh
IXBSudikshaHiba ManaalShristy Dutta
IXCShubhi JainKarishma SainiRitisha Bhadani
XAAditi AgarwalAdiba HaqueSamiya Aftab
XBNeharika TripuranaShreya MudigantiTisha Kumari
XCHuma AymanAnushka SinghDivya Sharma
XDDisha ChoudharyAditi SinghAshmita Bajpai
XIAPrachi SinghAashriti JhaAnanya J. Singh
XIBAriba SarwarPriya KumariJaweria Ansari
XICBhumika OjhaYashvi K.ShahJasneet Kaur
XIIAPiyali DebnathSudipaAakriti
XIIBPriyansha JhaShaima GouherShreya Suman
XIICAnushka KunduArpita MukherjeeAyanti Kundu
XIIDRadhika Ramesh  
Environment Club Activities

Environment Club Activities

Environment Club Activities

Environment Club Activities

Environment Club Activities

Environment Club Activities

Kindly check our YouTube channel for the activities conducted by our alumni. The alumni is actively engaged with the students and guide them for the betterment of the society.

Admission Notice Revised for Std XI

Std XI: Seats available only in Commerce and Arts stream.

This is for the information of all the students who had applied for admission in J. H. Tarapore school by filling up the form but have not been selected. The students who had submitted their Std IX and X report cards and have not been selected are the ones we did not find eligible according to our criteria. However the students who applied but did not submit the reports, were not considered at all.
Since there are some seats still vacant in all the three streams, these students may send the scanned copies of their Std IX and X report cards,(where the name of the school is clearly visible) to ,at the earliest, if they still wish to join.
The admission forms will be available from 26th April to 30th April for fresh applicants.


Lemonade Day Celebration

“Nothing tastes more like summer than a refreshing glass of lemonade.”

The Kg. Department celebrated Lemonade Day on 16 th April, 2021.
All the teachers and the students were dressed in yellow outfit.

The activity was organised with the motive of knowledge sharing with the students. Students were taught about the benefits of using lemon during summers and to inculcate healthy eating habits from this tender age.

Plus2 Entrance Result

Congratulations Students!

Welcome onboard to Std XI J.H. Tarapore School!

We expect you continue your exhilarating ride here onwards to complete two beautiful years of the school. Even during Covid times you have worked hard and the efforts have surely worked in your favour.

Plus2 Entrance Result for the session 2021-22 is detailed below.

Kindly go through all the documents carefully.

Kindly Check the list of books to be followed in Std XI


Safety is way of life for us at J.H.Tarapore School.

Keeping this in view, every year we have a slew of activities for the students to participate in and to develop awareness of the various aspects of safety.
This year to mark the National Road Safety Month, which was observed from 18th January to 17th February, we planned the following activities:
Std.6- Quiz on road safety to be conducted on Google forms on 26th January.

Std.7- Videos to be made by the students of themselves explaining any three road safety signs.

Std.8- PPT to be made by the students depicting traffic symbols and their meaning. (5-7 slides)

Std.9- Films made by Tata Steel Safety Department were shared with the students.

Std11- Webinar on road safety conducted by an expert from Tata Steel.

The videos of the various activities have been uploaded on our YouTube Channel.

Result of Safety Activities (2020- 2021)

ClassFirst PositionSecond PositionThird Position
VI AShreiya SanskritiZaina FatimaAnushaka Sharma
VI BParul KhandelwalShrishti KumariAyushi
VI CKriti TiwaryMugdha VermaSmuti Smaranika
Aafia Faiz
Vriddhi Agrawal
VII AZainab ShamimShivangi KumariSidra Mumtaz
Sarakshi Pani
VII BAditi AnandVaanya pandeyPrarthana Kumari
VII CAvnish Kaur BhatiaAayesha SameenNilanjana Mahata
VIII AKirti KumariAyushi KumariMegha
VIII BSwetal KumariZoya KhurshidNandani Shankar
VIII CMehreen MumtajAyoniza SinghShireen Rawat

A Step Towards Cyber Safety and Security

Technological inventions and its possibilities in education have brought a tremendous change in the education system including online and digital education. The COVID-19 impact has multiplied the use of ICT across the school education. Therefore, it is important to protect oneself from cyber threats and potential risks of using technologies in daily lives. Keeping with times, cyber safety and security awareness needs to be expanded among us.

Apart from our students, parents and teachers along with the administrative staff of our school, should be sensitized on the challenges of the ‘Digital World’. Therefore, an awareness program has been arranged by the NCERT which includes webinars, panel discussions by eminent personalities, quiz etc. to create awareness on Cyber Safety and Security.

You are advised to be a part of this program and help in creating a safer cyber learning environment.

Participate in all the following initiatives to equip yourself and stay safe in the cyberspace. The links were sent through personal WhatsApp messages.

  1. Join the Telegram Channel.

2. Watch all seven videos in the YouTube playlist. Watch the videos, take quiz and get certified.

Attempt quiz to check your understanding.

Scorers above 50% will get certificates.

3. Join courses on DIKSHA App and get certified.

Download the DIKSHA App and register Or register through DIKSHA Portal

Enroll for the course

4. Go through the guidelines on Cyber Safety and Security

Let’s join hands and be aware of cyber safety and security for a safer cyber world.

Be Cute & Creative

L. Kg. – Std. V had a competition, ‘Be Cute & Creative’ to celebrate 72nd Republic Day . All the students had put in their best to win the competition. A compiled video of their hardwork has been uploaded on the school’s YouTube Channel .

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to the parents and students for making this day so special.



L. Kg –
First – K. Swarnim Rao
Second – Shanvi Guha
Third – Pragati Baswal

H. Kg –
First – Laiba Nayaab
Second – Labika Hayat
Third – Aaradhya Kumari

Std. I –
First – Zahra Ashraf
Second – Kiah Patadia
Third – Akshita Roy

Std. II –
First – Nishtha Kumari
Second – Shiksha Kumari
Third – Alishba

Activity 1 – Poem Recitation
Std. III – Std. V

First – Hiba Shireen
Second – Rajnandi Singh
Third – Dipti Mahato

Activity 2 – Dance
Std. III – Std. V

First – Anshikha Mangraj
Second – Shreyanshi Giri
Third – Tanvi Burman

Science for Gen Z

“Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge”

Science is a way of life. Science is a perspective. Science is the process that takes us from confusion to understanding in a manner that’s precise, predictive and reliable – a transformation, for those lucky enough to experience it, that is empowering and emotional.

Celebrating the scientific temperament and as a tribute to our own great scientist Dr Har Gobind Khorana, the Science Club of J. H. Tarapore School, conducted the event “Science for Gen Z” on 23rd January, 2021.
Dr. Har Gobind Khorana, (born January 9, 1922) An Indian-born biochemist who shared the 1968 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine with Marshall W. Nirenberg and Robert W. Holley for research in the field of Genetics.

Various activities conducted class wise were:
Std VI and VII
Event: Disguise
Participants had to dress up like a scientist and make a 2 minutes video of themselves describing the discoveries, inventions and achievements of that scientist.

Event- Scattergories game event
Participants got eight categories in two batches. They had to score points by making truly meaningful scientific words using the first letter in each category. This event was conducted through Google Forms.

Std IX and XI
Event – Wrack your brains
Participants presented a comparative analysis of the recent Indian vaccines Covishield Vs Covaxin.
Congratulations to all the winners!

Result of Science for Gen Z

ClassFirst PositionSecond PositionThird Position
VI AShreiya SanskritiZaina FatimaNusrat Bari
VI BArchita DeyAnwesha BanerjeeAnusha Pal
VI CSakshi MahatoMantasha KhalidVriddhi Agarwal
VII AZainab ShamimShivangi KumariSarakshi Pani
VII BMihika KumariAnasha FirozAnkita Sinha
VII CAayesha SameenShruti SiddharthaKriti Bhatia
VIII ADiyashreeSamriddhi MitraTanushree Chowdhury
VIII BHarnoor SandhuTrishaJasleen Kaur
VIII CN. ShrutiAnika SinhaKalash Priya
IX AParmita DasRashi MahtoSneha Pathak
IX BNeharika TripuranaSamriddhi AgrawalZainab Adiba
IX CHarshita SinghAyesha ShibalTooba Jannat
IX DK. Shruti
XI ADiyasha Banik
XI BSneha Kumari
XI CKanika BarikTashfeen Nasim
XI DDisha ShahVasudha Tilawat