J.H. Tarapore School celebrated and recognized its outstanding students on 20th April,2024, at the Annual Recognition Night. The event commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, setting the stage for a celebration of distinction and recognition.

The exceptional students were felicitated by the eminent stakeholders of the school, Mr. Satish Bhatia, Mr. Arun Arora & Mr. Kishan Murari Agarwal for their remarkable achievements across various categories, ranging from Academic Excellence to Good Conduct, Most Responsible, and Perseverance. These awards celebrated both academic excellence and the character and resilience of our students.

In addition to traditional categories,the Principal of the school, Mrs. Lata Sharat and the Vice Principal Mrs. Rukshana Gardin, bestowed special awards upon  deserving students in various club activities and olympiads.

Hiba Firdosh won  the ‘Middle School All- Rounder Award’. The ‘Vice Principal’s Award for All Rounder : High School’  was won by Reet Agarwal.

The ‘Award for Plus Two All Rounder’, initiated by Mrs. Nargis Madon, the Founder Principal & Former Director of the school, was given to K.Harshita.

Mr. Souvik Saha, Founder of ‘People for Change’, an NGO that works for children and youth, for personal and social development felicitated Dinky Mahato with the ‘People for Change Award’.

Arushi Jha won The Principal’s Award –‘A Person for Others’.

Furthermore, the presentation of token amount towards charity  to ‘People for Change Organisation’ and few other deserving stakeholders of the school, distinguished for their indispensable aid and assistance – emphasized the ethos of gratitude within our community.

A poignant moment of the evening was the introduction of the Humanities Award, instituted in memory of our beloved teacher Late Tr. Rinku Sehra.

Aaima Tazmeen received the ‘Teacher Rinku Sehra Award for Humanities’.

The school takes immense pride in fostering ardent achievers who embody not only academic excellence but also moral and spiritual values, shaping them into responsible citizens.


J.H.Tarapore School celebrated its Annual Recognition Day on April 19th, 2024, with great fervour and enthusiasm. The event, held at the School Hall aimed to honour and recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of its students.

The highlight of the event was the presence of esteemed Chief Guest, Mrs. Meena Bugli, President of Akshar International School, whose inspiring words added to the significance of the occasion. The ceremony commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp, symbolizing the enlightenment of knowledge and wisdom.

The stage was graced by the presence of the prize winners, who exuded charm and confidence as they sought the blessings of the Almighty and pledged to uphold the values of excellence throughout their lives.

Throughout the ceremony, the audience was captivated as students were awarded for their academic brilliance, exemplary conduct, and perseverance. Special recognition was also given to the class all-rounder, Divyanjali Kumari, whose outstanding performance across various fields stood out.

Moreover, students who excelled in extracurricular activities such as yoga, dance, and various Olympiads were lauded for their achievements, highlighting the school’s commitment to holistic development.

In a heartfelt gesture, individuals who participated in the blood donation camp held last year were also felicitated, underscoring the school’s emphasis on social responsibility and community service.

The Principal, Mrs. Lata Sharat expressed gratitude to all attendees, including parents, teachers, and students, for their unwavering support and encouragement throughout the academic year.

J.H.Tarapore School remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing young minds and shaping future leaders, and events like Recognition Day serve as a testament to its dedication towards holistic education.

मतदान जागरूकता अभियान -2024

एच० तारापोर स्कूल में पिछले कई दिनों से चल रहे मतदान जागरूकता अभियान के तहत कई कार्यक्रमों का आयोजन किया गया ।
*प्रार्थना सभा में हाई स्कूल के बच्चों ने मतदान जागरूकता फैलाने की शपथ ली ।
*स्कूल के बरामदे में सेल्फ़ी कार्नर बनाया गया है ।
*आर्ट कल्ब की छात्राओं ने आकर्षक पोस्टर बनाकर कार्यक्रम को सफल बनाने में योगदान दिया ।
*पहली बार मतदान करने वाले बच्चों के बीच चुनाव को लेकर जागरूकता फैलायी गयी ।
*छात्राओं ने प्रभात फेरी निकाल कर आसपास के क्षेत्रों के लोगों को भी मतदान करने के लिए प्रेरित किया ।
*नुक्कड़ नाटक संदेश देने का एक सशक्त माध्यम है, 20 तारीख़ की संध्या, अभिभावकों के समक्ष इसी अभियान के अंतर्गत एक नुक्कड़ नाटक प्रस्तुत करने की तैयारी की गई है ।
स्कूल की प्रधानाचार्या एवं उप प्रधानाचार्या ने छात्राओं को उनके प्रयास के लिए प्रोत्साहित किया ।

Safety Week – 2024

Safety is paramount at J.H.T.S, and we strive to instill this value in our students across all departments. Being vigilant at all times is a prerequisite for safety in all areas, and it reflects in the objective of our School’s SAFE Club: ‘To spread safety awareness among students, parents, and stakeholders, ensuring a safe and secure life’. To put this into practice, the first major co-curricular activity every school year is the Safety Week celebration.
This year the following activities were conducted:

  • L. Kg. & H. Kg. – Safety Song.
  • Std. I, II & III – Activity: Safety while crossing the road and on the stairs.
  • Std. IV – Activity: Self-defence session (Safe & Unsafe touch).
  • Std. V – Activity: An Anti-Bullying play (Assembly presentation).

A Session on ‘Safe and Unsafe touch’ by the NGO Young Indians Foundation under the project ‘MASOOM’ for Std. I to V.

  • Std. VI & VII – Safety Quiz
  • Std VIII – Poster Making: Anti-Bullying
  • ⁠Std. IX – Poster Making: Anti-Tobacco
  • Std. X – Walk the Talk- Awareness walk (Bullying and Ragging).
  • Std. XI & XII – A session on awareness about Child Abuse by the school Counsellor – Tr. Gargi Chakraborty

Nursery Orientation – 2024

J. H. Tarapore School is delighted to announce the successful completion of its orientation program for parents of the incoming Nursery students. This marks an exciting milestone as the school prepares to welcome its inaugural Nursery batch in its 23rd year.

Led by Principal, Mrs. Lata Sharat, and Vice Principal, Mrs. Rukshana Gardin, the orientation program provided parents with a comprehensive overview of the school’s rules and regulations, ensuring a smooth transition for their children into the school community. Parents had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the school’s ethos and policies, setting the foundation for a collaborative partnership between home and school.

During the orientation, teachers, office staff, and helpers were introduced to the parents, fostering a sense of connection and support within the school community. The dedicated teachers impressed parents with their creative decorations, transforming classrooms into vibrant and welcoming spaces tailored to engage young learners.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with our Nursery parents and students”, expressed Principal, Mrs. Lata Sharat. “The positive feedback and enthusiasm from parents reaffirm our commitment to providing an enriching and nurturing learning environment for all our students.”

Parents were particularly pleased with the setup of the classrooms, reflecting the school’s dedication to creating stimulating learning environments conducive to growth and exploration.

“We are excited to see our children thrive in such a warm and inviting atmosphere,” remarked one parent.Both parents and teachers are eagerly anticipating the commencement of classes with the new Nursery cohort, poised to embark on an educational journey filled with discovery and growth.

Graduation Night (2023-24)

The formal Graduation Night and valediction was held on 19th January, 2024. It was a solemn event in which the Senior Management members, Mrs. Nargis Madon, former Director, the Principal Mrs. Lata Sharat, the Vice Principal Mrs. Rukshana Gardin blessed and wished the students of Std.XII luck for their future endeavours in the midst of their parents. The students were presented with mementos and certificates.


Dear Applicants,

Please note that due to change in school timings of all the schools ,the entrance test for STD XI which was scheduled for tomorrow, is postponed till further notice.

The new date will be communicated to you in due course through the website and personal messages.