Sunaharai Sitarey(Crystal Jubilee Celebrations begin…..)

The Crystal Jubilee celebrations of J.H Tarapore School have begun with a bang. It was the brainchild of our Director, Ms. Nargis Madon. On 25th March, 2017 bright stars were shining all over our school. The variety entertainment programme “Sunahare Sitare” was organised successfully in our school by the teachers and students of Std- VII. J.H Tarapore School, the school with a difference had organised a programme with a difference. Two hundred special children were invited to our school to share our joy of the completion of the fifteenth year. It was a part of our school’s initiative ‘Jamshedpur I Care”.
The objectives of organising this event for the special children were-
•To give them joy through some lovely, colourful, melodious
musicals and visuals.
•To include them in our lives and in our joy.
•To make our children aware that they are privileged to be born without any disability.
A member of the Management Committee, Mr. Jitu Singh had kindly consented to be the Chief Guest. The spectators/guests were very happy to witness such a beautiful programme. They got food packets and some return gifts (eye shade, wrist band and golden star). Our children tied friendship bands also. The programme came to an end with a melodious tune sung for the ‘Golden Stars’ who visited us and made us proud and happy.
The learning that we took back was patience in handling children and that happiness can be received from small things in life.
‘Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.’

ZEST 2016-2017(An Inter School Fest)

MURDER MYSTERY(TREASURE HUNT) INAGURATION DANCE (2)PANACHE(FASHION SHOW)CARMINA(DANCE) (3)BIG PICTUREWORDOKU(PUZZLE)An Inter School Fest was organized on Saturday, 30th July,2016 jointly by the Interact Club, the Arts Club and the Debate and Dramatics Club of J.H.Tarapore School in the school premises.
The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr.B.D.Bodhanwala, Chairman, Tarapore Schools.
It unfurled a number of innovative and competitive off stage and on stage events which attracted enthusiastic participation.
The on stage events included MUN (Model United Nations), an educational simulation and academic competition which taught researching, public speaking, critical thinking, team work and leadership qualities.. Panache (Fashion Show), built up a world of fantasy and dreams, Scratch Pad (War of DJs), was a true magic of soulful music, Carmina (Dance) attracted everyone’s attention, El-Comentario (Running Commentary), where the participants tickled the audience with humour and presence of mind and Anuncio (Ad Mad), the children promoted their products for sale in an innovative and fun-filled manner.
The off stage events included Murder Mystery (Treasure Hunt), Seige (Gaming), Comic Strip, Big Picture (Portrait Making), Harlem Shake (Videography) and Wordoku (Word Puzzle). These added fun and enthusiasm within the participants. The true spirit of ‘ZEST’ could be seen throughout the school premises.
There were around 20 participating schools. Hill Top School was declared the overall champion and the overall discipline was given to Little Flower School.

Frank Anthony Memorial All India Inter School Debate Competition 2016


It was a proud privilege for us to host the Category-1 Stage-1 of the ‘Frank Anthony Debate 2016’. The Frank Anthony Memorial All India Inter School Debate Competition 2016 on 15th of July in our school.
Mr. Dinshaw Rustam Mody better known as Dicky Mody, a well known quizzer , was the moderator of the debate.
The judges for the event were –Mr.Pratim Banerjee , Mrs. Vidya Battiwalla and Ms. Nandita Sinha.
Seven schools from the Eastern Zone participated in this competition. The winners were as follows:-
Winning team- D.B.M.S. English School
Runner’s Up- Carmel Junior College
Best Speaker- Abhishek Kumar (Carmel Junior College)
Best Speaker(Runner’s Up)- Divya Shekhar Bhatta Mishra


IMG-20160303-WA0015 IMG_20160301_171800 IMG_20160301_112318

IMG-20160303-WA0005 IMG-20160303-WA0044

Tata Steel Adventure foundation and the Adventure Club of our school organized an outdoor leadership programme to Tumung Village which is 26 kms from Jamshedpur. In the camp, instructors involved us in different games and activities which included Rappelling, Fox Flying, Monkey walking, Monkey crawling, Plank race, Rock climbing and Caving These activities enhanced our inter personal skills self confidence, leadership quality, self esteem & team spirit. The package included buffet, veg lunch and evening tea, biscuits. More than 50 children along with a team of six teachers attended and had a great time together. We were guided by the instructors to maximize the experience within a safe & controlled environment.




GEOFEST INTERNATIONAL is an international event held every year at the end of October and the first week of November. The 13th GEOFEST INTERNATIONAL 2015 was held at City Montessori School Lucknow from 1st to 4th November.
It is an entire new era of young geologists commemorating the rise of an important subject. The fest was for five days. Our preparations had started a month before. The principle of “One Nation, One Religion “was so firmly established that we saw an entire mini world coming together. The inaugural ceremony was spectacular. One magnificent event that really sparked our eyes was the mock session of the “World Parliament”.
A competitive spirit was mixed well with a healthy competition. There were three events for the juniors namely – Create your test (collage), Model display, Geotoons (Comic making) and five events for seniors namely – Create your test, Geo Talk, Model Display, Quizzing, Geo Tech.
Finally the prize distribution was on the 4th of November. We brought back with us millions of memories, lifelong friends, values and life skills. Indeed it was a “great” experience.
We would like to thank our Principal Ma’am Mrs.Lata Sharat ,our teachers Mrs. Smriti Prasad Sahay & Mrs.Rinku Sehra , Who thought us to be capable to represent our school at an International level. Last but not the least we would like to thank Tr. Fiona Nandi who not only guided us but also took care of us so well over there.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

In today’s technological world children have forgotten fairy tales and folklores. Keeping this in mind the students of Std IV & V of J.H.Tarapore School staged the all time famous play “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”, an adaptation of the famous folklore by Robert Browning.

J.H.Tarapore believes in making their students SMART.
As someone rightly quoted :
“I hear, I forget
I see, I remember
I do, I understand”

Through this play not only was learning fun, but also the students were able to unfold their hidden talents, became more confident, enhances their diction and communication which in turn will help in developing a wholesome personality.

Students staging the play

Students staging the play

To grace the occasion we had Mrs. Mita Singhal co-chairperson of SAFE who was quiet impressed with the little ones.

It was undoubtedly a challenging task to involve every student, train them & groom them. However with the unstinted support & encouragement from the management and the co-operation of the teachers of the primary department & our stakeholders., nothing seemed impossible.



Chairman’s Message

chairmanAs Chairman of J.H.Tarapore School.I am delighted to welcome you to the website of this dynamic institution.

J.H.Tarapore is a school which moulds the future of thousands of children.

While academic progress is clearly the main purpose of the school,we also encourage all our pupils to develop a wide range of additional interests. Substantial stress is laid in inculcating good values and good habits.

I will admit that we have been very successful in our endeavour and for this I convey my sincere appreciation to all the members of the staff for their unstinted support.

I do hope every child that leaves this institution takes with him/her the best possible academic qualifications and personal gains necessary for a happy and fulfilling life ahead.

Once again my heartiest thanks to all those who have contributed to the growth of the school and supported to fulfill a dream.

The Secret of Success

Today millions of students read,
But all do not succeed.
What is the reason behind ?
Can you find ?
When they read,
They do not pay heed.
While reading sitting there,
There mind is elsewhere.
If you want your life to be easy
Dont be lazy.
Do labour hard,
Time will bring reward.
Just read two hours a day
Seriously in a proper way
Then your life will be,
As good as you wanted it to be.

Shailja – Class V B

The Half Truth of Life I Know

Dedicated to my teachers

You asked me to help all

Never told, know body else will help me.

You asked me to trust my firends

Never told my trust will get broken

You asked me to be kind and humble

Never told me, people might take it as my weakness

You asked me to do my best

Never told I will be criticised

You asked me to be bold

Never told me pople dont accept leaders

You told me to be there for every ones sake

Never told me I might be used

You asked me to be a shoulder to the desparate

Never told me how to cry alone

You asked me to be good

Never told me no one else will be

You asked me to be strong

Never told me the extent of courage required

You asked me to love my fellow friends

Never told me I will be the only one doing it

You asked me to spread peace

Never told me what I should do when I see a fight

You said all nations are to be loved

Never told me bombs will blast

You said all races are one

Never told me how to handle racism

You said truth always wins

Never told me this always is doubtful

But still I will do what you asked me to

Because I know

One day I have to change this world…

Aritra Chakraborty; Class – X.A