Art Club

The Art Club of J H Tarapore School has been instrumental in eliciting interest in non-performing arts among the students ever since its inception. “Art is an expression of one’s ideas ” – The club allows its members to explore their creative selves.

The club has conducted sessions on still art drawing, stone painting, book mark making, canvas paintings, tie and dye, mandala art, and various Indian forms of painting, among others. The canvas paintings by the students were put up for sale, and the proceeds were contributed towards supporting multiple projects within the institution. The Art Club has also undertaken various sustainable initiatives within the school, like painting old tyres and reusing them.

The Club jointly hosts “Zest” – an inter-school cultural extravaganza in collaboration with the school’s Adventure and Debate & Dramatics Clubs.

The Art Club of J H Tarapore School envisions and aims to create a balance by blending the old and modern art forms so that young minds can look towards the future while still being connected to their past.