Annual recognition Night(Senior School)



The XVth Annual Recognition Night for the High School of J.H.Tarapore School was held on 31st March, 2017. The programme began with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest Mr. Avneesh Gupta, Principal Executive Officer, Tata Steel. 2017 has been declared as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. This theme was highlighted in the form of dance performances.

Half way through the programme there was a power cut. Although none of us were prepared for the contingency, the students, Faculty and the staff of the school rose to the occasion and within a few minutes hundreds of candles were lit all around the stage. The programme was conducted in the light of those shimmering candles.

The prize winners, who were the stars of the night, got their share of applause as they proudly received their awards in the field of Academic Excellence, Perseverance, Good Conduct and also for being the Most Responsible Students.

The special prizes were awarded to the students for their achievements in the various Clubs, Olympiads, Yoga and Sports.

This year a special award “Tech Guru”was given to Anurag Sharma, S.Sai Vineet and Kinshuk Kashyap who, with their special contribution in the field of technology, have elevated J.H.Tarapore School to an International platform and made the school very proud.

The winners of the All Rounder award were:-

Middle School – Shaina Sana

High School – Priyansi

Sportsperson of the year—Shubham Parhawk and Lavanya Gautam

‘People for Change Award’ for ‘Social Service’ — Md.Nezamuddin

‘The Principal’s Award’ for ‘A Person for Others’ — Ishita Sarkar

‘The Director’s Award’ for ‘All Rounder’—Std XII–  Shubham Parhawk