Annual Art and Craft Exhibition 2022-23 – ‘PANCHATATVA’

J.H. Tarapore School organized its Annual Art and Craft Exhibition–on Monday,16th January, 2023.  The theme of the exhibition was ‘PANCHATATVA’ – the five elements of nature. 

Mrs. Sunita Sinha a well-known educationist was the guest of honour.

At JHTS, students grow up with the understanding of creativity and imagination through all the activities on a daily basis. The idea is not only to encourage children to use their imagination but also help them in understanding Life and Nature as a whole.

This becomes more important when it comes to Art & Craft. From splashes of vibrant hues, different types of paintings, sketched portraits, paper flowers, to articles made of paper and other eco friendly material, every exhibit brought out the best creativity of our students.

Above all, team work was depicted with great amount of enthusiasm by our students, teachers as also the parents. It was remarkable and heartening to see the amazing response.

Our budding artists presented many creative ideas which left all the viewers spellbound and full of praise for the talent on display.