A Step Towards Cyber Safety and Security

Technological inventions and its possibilities in education have brought a tremendous change in the education system including online and digital education. The COVID-19 impact has multiplied the use of ICT across the school education. Therefore, it is important to protect oneself from cyber threats and potential risks of using technologies in daily lives. Keeping with times, cyber safety and security awareness needs to be expanded among us.

Apart from our students, parents and teachers along with the administrative staff of our school, should be sensitized on the challenges of the ‘Digital World’. Therefore, an awareness program has been arranged by the NCERT which includes webinars, panel discussions by eminent personalities, quiz etc. to create awareness on Cyber Safety and Security.

You are advised to be a part of this program and help in creating a safer cyber learning environment.

Participate in all the following initiatives to equip yourself and stay safe in the cyberspace. The links were sent through personal WhatsApp messages.

  1. Join the Telegram Channel.

2. Watch all seven videos in the YouTube playlist. Watch the videos, take quiz and get certified.

Attempt quiz to check your understanding.

Scorers above 50% will get certificates.

3. Join courses on DIKSHA App and get certified.

Download the DIKSHA App and register Or register through DIKSHA Portal

Enroll for the course

4. Go through the guidelines on Cyber Safety and Security

Let’s join hands and be aware of cyber safety and security for a safer cyber world.